Do any of these describe you or someone you care about?
-recurrent episodes of low back pain
-living in fear of the back, "going out"
-planning activities around low back pain
-avoiding hobbies, sports, etc.
-back pain impacting family and work life

Take Control: A lecture and exercise based series for managing pain through self care strategies. 

Classes consist of discussion, education, and rehabilitation components: 

  -Learn how to self manage back pain

  -Learn how to abandon unproductive pain behaviors

  -Improve confidence

  -Improve function and strength


Cost:  $400 for six 1 hour sessions (Cash, check, or Venmo @drruck)

          Class size limited to 6


   -You want to help yourself

   -You have goals

   -You are open to altering your beliefs about pain



  -200 South Broadway, Tarrytown 10591

          (south building)

Questions: 914.844.7712

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