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My goal with patients is to get them out of pain as quickly as possible. There will be no hard sale of excessive or prolonged treatment plans, unncecessary tests, or products. I will offer you an honest assessment of the problem and what I feel is necessary to get you better as quickly as possible.


My goals with patients are:


You will be taught the do's and dont's of home care. Ice or heat? Rest or exercise? All concerns will be addressed. You will be given handouts on mobility and strengthening exercises specific to your condition which will control pain and facilitate tissue healing.



Driving, bending, lifting, reaching, self care, etc. are known as ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). Returning to these activities along with work and hobbies will not only improve your psyche but will also help with pain control. Dr. Ruck will get you back to ADLs as safely and quickly as possible.



Once out of pain and back to function, you will be given specific exercises to perform at home, at the gym, or with your personal trainer, yoga or pilates instructor. This will help keep you strong so as to minimize the chance of recurrence.




Every patient receives a rehab plan which focuses on goal specific strength and mobility. This is the most important component of your recovery. All the treatments available cannot replace a comprehensive strength routine.

Studies have consistently shown that patients improve quicker and results last longer when exercise is added to the treatment program. Dr. Ruck has compiled information and trained with some of the best regarding effective rehabilitation protocols.   


Soft Tissue Techniques

Soft tissue refers to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. Pain can alter how we move. Soft tissue techniques are utilized to decrease pain so you can effectively partake in your rehabilitation routine. The goal of manual therapy is to decrease pain, increasing range of movement and facilitate return to sports and activities.   

Spinal Manipulation


In some instances, the joints of the spine and surrounding muscles may feel stiff. Spinal manipulation is the application of a force through a joint with the purpose of temporarily increasing mobility, decreasing pain, and reducing feelings of muscle tension. Manipulation is appropriate for some conditions but not for others. Utilization is determined on a case by case basis.

Manipulation techniques in my office are not used to, "realign spines", as this is outdated and unproven. 


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