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Postural Relief Position:

Add this simple stretch to your day (see below):

-sit at the end of your chair

-turn your feet out slightly

-elevate your sternum

-tuck your chin

-extend the arms and spread the palms

-hold for 20 seconds

-perform this maneuver 1-2 times per seated hour



Computer work is unavoidable for almost all occupations. The classic computer posture of the chin poked forward, shoulders rolled forward, and rounded back can cause everything from neck pain and headaches to middle and lower back pain. Enter smart phones and mobile devices and the problem has not only grown but is now impacting younger populations. 


Tips to address postural dysfunction:



One key to addressing pain from postural dysfunction is performing, "mini breaks" throughout your work day to give your body a rest from the prolonged cumulative stresses of the poor positioning.



Have someone assess your computer work station to determine the correct seat height, keyboard position, and chair height. 



Standing periodically throughout the day, will help. Also, try to take a few brief walks throughout the day. Consider a standing work station if you spend 6-8+ hours in front of the computer. I like 


Get active

Between commutes and computer time, it is not uncommon to have a 10-12 hour sitting day. It is essential to find time to counter the effects of that amount of cumulative stress to the body.




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